October 2, 2015

What is Sanctification?

Article by Murungi Igweta

Sanctification is two-fold –

  • Definitive: at conversion believers are united to Christ in His death to sin and resurrection to new life. As a result the rule of sin in their lives is broken and they willingly seek to be ruled by the Word of God.


  • Progressive: sanctification, which is the process of being entirely conformed to the image of Christ, will be perfectly completed only on the last day. It is the work of the Holy Spirit in us through our mortifying sin and obeying the commands of God. Because of indwelling sin, all believers experience a constant welfare between the flesh and the Spirit. However, the indwelling of the Spirit is the seal and guarantee that every true believer will persevere in the faith until the end.

Murungi Igweta

Murungi Igweta is a pastor at Trinity Baptist Church.