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2012, No. 1 (13/1/12)


Article by support

April 19, 2012


Dear Brethren

Greetings in Christ.  The Lord has been so gracious to us.  There have been good congregations.  The ministry of the word has been much appreciated.  Many have been convicted of things which they are seeking to put right.  There are many good contacts.  We have more than met our church budget for 2011, for the 2nd. year in a row.  There have been small steps in the whole area of reconciliation which we trust will bear good fruit.  We have been upheld.  The team of 6 deacons in the church are seeking to do their work efficiently and take as much as possible off the shoulders of the elders.

Specific Needs

  1. Security situation.  There remains the threats by the insurgents of waging war inside Kenya although life has to go on as normal.
  2. School fees.  This is the beginning of the school year for us and the demand for school fees at the secondary level that so many parents cannot afford.  We are especially concerned with ‘our pastors’ that their children do not miss out because their fathers are preachers.  Any help you can give would be greatly appreciated.

Pastoral Theological Course
A new year has started, and I am teaching them The Doctrine of Scripture from 11-18th. January.  There are 9 who have come, as in the picture.

from left to right)

  1. Years
  • Elly is a Pastor in Mumias and has a wide ministry in which he seeking to bring the doctrines of grace, especially to church leaders, coming from a background of the Word of Faith movement.
  • Joseph is seeking to plant a church in the town of Gilgil near Nakuru.
  • Isaiah wants to work with TBC, and he has agreed to go to help Joshua Sitet in Kasei (Pokot North) for initially 2012.  There are such opportunities because of the secondary school where we are expecting another 30 students to enter.
  • Charles is Pastor in Ihonje (near Mumias), one the first churches we started from Nairobi.
  1. Amos – He completed the rest of the studies in 2008, except this Unit on Scripture.  He has been working in Kamketo as a ‘missionary’ for the past 2 years.
  2. Years
  • Geoffrey is working with Pastor David Ngetich in Chebangang (near Kericho)
  1. Years (the new students)
  • Dominic is a young man with us in Nairobi TBC.
  • Barnabas (brother of Elly) is a Pastor in Mombasa.
  • Henry attended January 2011 but did not continue, so he is re-engaging.  He comes from the Kericho area .

Future Ministry

  1. South Sudan.  I am due to make my second visit to Malakal and Upper Nile region.  The first was 2 years ago.  Here David Awan Malek is ministering with many congregations of the Trinity Baptist Church of South Sudan.  I will be away 10 days, 20-30th. January, and I am going alone.  I am sad there was hardly anyone who showed an interest in developing this work, but must bow to God’s providences I do not understand.  I do not have the precise details of the ministry but I know it will full, visiting many places.
  2. I only have a day to turn around before 10 days in Rendille with our son Jonathan who is coming to visit from the States.  This will be 1-10th.February.
  3. Then the following week we have our annual Association meetings, this year hosted by the Glory Baptist Church, Chebangang, Kericho, 13-17th. February.
  4. We are all looking forward to Alan & Kesiah getting married on 18th. February, after many years of waiting.  Alan has been training as a pilot and lives in Hong Kong, where they will settle for at least the next few years.

Please pray for:

  • PTC students and teacher
  • Ministry in South Sudan & Rendille
  • Association (RBAK) meetings
  • Visit of son Jonathan

In Christ’s service,

Keith Underhill

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