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Kevin Nyagaka


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October 4, 2023


Kevin first heard the gospel well explained in the year 2011 when he was a 2nd year student at Egerton University. Within a period of two years, God, through His providence of placing him in a biblical circle of friends and by His spirit working in him, had changed his life completely! In the year 2014, as a fourth year student, he had the assurance of Faith.

Kevin’s desire for pastoral ministry is first a desire to be a faithful Christian, to be a city set on a hill, that he may bring much glory to our God who is in heaven. It is his desire to heavily invest his life in the lives of brethren and in obedience to Heb 3:13, to daily exhort one another and so keep away the hardening of our hearts that is as a result of sin. He has been a pastor at Trinity Baptist Church Nairobi since October 2022.

Kevin is married to Maria and they have together been blessed with two wonderful sons, Ed and Roi (A witness to them that the Lord is God. Surely, the Lord has seen them).

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